Techniques For Recovering Debts Only A Debt Collector Can Tell You

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Got a stubborn debtor who simply won’t pay you? Have you tried everything and the debtor simply refuses to acknowledge you or come to the table with a reasonable offer? You may have written them off as a permanent default and figured you would write it off.

But have you considered engaging the services of a professional collections agency?

Now you might be thinking “I have done everything possible – what can a debt collector do that I haven’t already done?” And it’s true – if you used every tool at your disposal and feel disillusioned, you may feel like a debt collector cannot possibly do more. But we have a range of tools, techniques and legal avenues available that allows us to sort out your unpaid invoices quickly.

Strathmores are here to support you in your debt recovery and ensure your business can continue to operate without cash flow worries. Read on to find out more about the tools we use to get your invoices paid.

A Well-Oiled Debt Collections Process

We offer a service that has been honed over years of experience working with defaulted debtors. We know the tools, tricks, and techniques to convince debtors to make payments without delay.

Whether it’s the frequency of contact, the methods of approach, the wording in a letter or even the tools necessary to find people who might have fallen off the radar, we can get you great results with your debt collections.

Tools For Finding Debtors

We have a range of tools available at our disposal, which means we can search for people even when you think they have vanished forever. We have the capacity to trace people using databases and paid search options that let us conduct a far more thorough search than the average person.

We can find people in Australia using our range of tools and ensure that you can recover the amounts you are owed. Another tool we have at our disposal is the capacity to check genuine financial duress and to work out when excuses for non-payments are valid.

We Can Work Without The Emotional Involvement

When someone owes you money and you have spent a lot of time working on the debt trying to recover it, there can be a lot of bitterness and negativity involved. When you hand the reins over to us, we approach it as a job to get done. Nothing more, nothing less.

As a result, we ensure that all of our research and debt collection service is based entirely on facts and situations. We are an independent annex to your company, and we operate as a friendly but impartial third party whose focus is merely on recovering the debt.

An added bonus is that we can even mediate and negotiate on your behalf, coming in to bat for you and getting the best possible outcome.

We Can Leverage Legal Powers To Recover Debts

We have an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of consumer rights and protections when it comes to debt collections. This means we know how to avoid potentially costly legal actions while still getting the best result for you.

We can act for you in between the time period of sending a final letter of demand and the date you have outlined for commencing legal action.

We act by working with the debtor to illustrate the costs of legal action and demonstrating that payment of an unpaid amount is the most favourable outcome for all parties.

If there is a dispute in place, we can mediate between the parties and can negotiate on your behalf. Plus, if legal action does need to be taken, we can identify appropriate legal counsel to assist you in this process.

Contact Strathmores Today

Working with a professional debt collections agency means you enjoy a smoother debt recovery process without the emotion, stress, and hassle.

Plus, if working with us is the difference between recovery and letting the debt go, it makes sense to give us a try. We only recover a fee if we recover your debt – so it’s a risk-free venture for those runaway debtors.

Call us today on 1300 347 929 or get in touch online to find out how we can help you recover your debts sooner. 




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