How To Expand Your Business From Small Enterprise To Mid-Level (Without Imploding)

So you’re ready to make the move from small business to a growth business.

You have made it through the first couple of years of operations, taking the time to focus on laying a positive foundation for your future. Now, your mind naturally turns to expanding your customer base and making your mark in new locations.

With this kind of expansion comes a natural amount of risk. After all, you are going to be investing in new markets, and this requires testing, measuring, and money. If you want to achieve profitable growth in your business, you need to keep an eye on the basics and ensure you keep things moving along while you’re scaling.

We want to show you how to achieve this with minimum hassle and maximum outcomes. Continue reading “How To Expand Your Business From Small Enterprise To Mid-Level (Without Imploding)”

Techniques For Recovering Debts Only A Debt Collector Can Tell You

Got a stubborn debtor who simply won’t pay you? Have you tried everything and the debtor simply refuses to acknowledge you or come to the table with a reasonable offer? You may have written them off as a permanent default and figured you would write it off.

But have you considered engaging the services of a professional collections agency?

Now you might be thinking “I have done everything possible – what can a debt collector do that I haven’t already done?” And it’s true – if you used every tool at your disposal and feel disillusioned, you may feel like a debt collector cannot possibly do more. But we have a range of tools, techniques and legal avenues available that allows us to sort out your unpaid invoices quickly. Continue reading “Techniques For Recovering Debts Only A Debt Collector Can Tell You”

5 Things You Need to Know About Debt Collection

Whether you are a business owner who is sick of pursuing a debtor for a seemingly-ancient debt or if you simply have a friend who owes you money and you’re just about ready to write it off, you could benefit from the services of a debt collection agency.

But if you’re like many people, you’ve heard tales of threatening stand-over people who show up on doorsteps and impose threats.

We want to see more people getting money that is owed to them, and we don’t want to see people struggling with debt collection on their own. That’s why our business exists: to assist you with the safe, straightforward recovery of your debt.

We wanted to explain and touch on some things you may or may not know about debt collection in the hopes that it helps you to engage us for our services.

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Three Least Effective Debt Collection Solutions 

When you’re looking to recover a debt and have been dealing with the process for a while, it may seem like you’ve tried everything to no avail. But in many cases, our clients come to us and tell us about what they have tried before working with us, and it’s often the case that the methods used to recover the debt were simply inefficient.

What we see is that no matter how thorough or committed you are to managing a debtor; if your methods are imprecise, you’re not going to get the results you’re after.

We want to take the time to cover three of the most ineffective and inefficient debt recovery strategies we know, and also to equip you with the knowledge you need to get debts back faster and with less stress. Continue reading “Three Least Effective Debt Collection Solutions “

Resources to help you manage your debts

Debt. It can keep you up at night and make you worry about how you’re going to ever repay it. When you’re a business owner who has to juggle all the stress of managing a business and your accounts, it can be overwhelming. That said, debt is an inevitable part of managing a business. Whether it’s a business loan, a company credit card, or an equipment loan – debt is something that can actually be very positive. Despite this, too much debt can be troublesome and downright problematic. We have created this guide to help you manage your debts and we hope it helps you get things back on track. Continue reading “Resources to help you manage your debts”