About Us

We are a debt collection agency in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney offering premier advice, financial solutions and risk management for your personal finances or for your small business.


Our success is tied to our client’s success. Strathmores Group aims to effectively communicate and purposefully go about implementing our vision to assist our clients grow. Strathmores is striving to become industry leaders in Debt Collection, Business Advisory and Capital. In becoming industry leaders, we reduce client’s liabilities, prepare for and counter risk, build solid financial foundations and help to foster cultures of awareness, innovation, and support.


We have diverse range of people from different industries. We go about our business in an analytical and organised manner ensuring efficient delivery of our products and quick counteractive responses to any inefficiencies. The creation of long lasting meaningful relationships with our clients is the other side of Strathmores that forges understanding and innovative services. Our mix of organisation, innovation, creativity, reactivity and strong client relationships ensures that we evolve with the marketplace, external environment and client’s businesses alike.



Why Strathmores?

At Strathmores, we understand that not many people want to have to deal with debt collection. But it’s our business, and we’re very good at it. We can commence legal action, perform investigation and be on hand throughout the process with our field agents. We work through the debt collection process and make it smooth and hassle free for you, leaving you free to focus on the more important things that you have to manage.

Strathmores Collections
Strathmores strategically deals with debtors so as to maintain the relationship you’ve worked hard to build and recover the money that you are owed.

Debt Resolution
Our highly skilled team are experts in managing the debt recovery process across all industry sectors.

Legal Services
In many cases, initiating legal proceedings demonstrates to the debtor you are serious about recovering the money owed to you.

Field Support
We have a network of experienced field agents and process servers who are specialists and and integral part of the debt recovery process.